Stainless Steel Protection

  • Premium Coastal Grade Stainless as Standard
  • No red rust. No paint on steel components to wear off, chip, peel or scratch
  • Smooth low wear joint connections
  • Cuts SKU’s virtually in half versus having a special "Coastal Program"
  • Stainless parts are factory friendly for bulk handling

Engineered for Performance

  • Engineered to fit windows as small as 19.5" wide (Profile Dependant)
  • Perfect for use on narrow tall windows with heavy sash
  • Tested on 107 lb sash 32" wide x 84" tall
  • Certified to AAMA 901 Standards
  • Water tight, unique O-ring seal technology holds back 4x more water than others to help maximize DP ratings
  • Pre-installed gaskets visibly seal all frame and operator gaps for maximum protection


Developed for Manufacturing

  • Use with new shorter track
  • Operator hole is moved 2" toward the hinge side of the window vs. standard Dual-Arm 
  • Pre-installed frame gasket saves time in the factory
  • Easy plug-and-play with industry standard routes sizes and locations
  • Operator snaps into place ready for screw mounting and aids in operator alignment
  • Same base platform accepts several options and visiual design and finish color, reducing SKU's and complexity
  • Casement sash brackets available with and without self-locating features

          Designed for Style

  • Fold-down flush and nesting visuals are available as standard 
  • Removable visuals reduce inventory costs and allow for easy finish change later
  • Composite base has clean line to look good on elevated window applications
  •  Available in two distinct styles and all popular plated and powder coated finishes
  • Longer nesting cranks centered with covers for a balanced appearances