Multi-Point Lock System

Multi-Point Lock System

Stainless Steel Protection

  • Premium Coastal Grade Stainless as Standard
  • No red rust. No paint on steel components to wear off, chip, peel or scratch
  • Smooth low wear joint connections
  • Cuts SKU’s virtually in half versus having a special "Coastal Program"
  • Stainless parts are factory friendly for bulk handling

Engineered for Performance​

  • Industry best for sash pull-in. Achieves up to 30% more sash pull-in than competition.
    • Extended lock bar travel to ensure upper-most lock points always engage keeper on tallest window
    • No need for added parts to achieve maximum pull-in 
  • 30% longer lock bar travel accentuates staged locking "Zipper Effect" to provide smooth and consistent locking motion
  • Locking pins interlock with keepers to achieve up to DP90 performance
  • Composite rollers around each lock pin help glide rollers along keeper
  • Engineered audible click registers when the lock is fully locked and unlocked
  • Numerous keeper and lock bar retainers are available to achieve best fit, feel and performance
  • Reversible lock to avoid screen lip interferences

Developed for Manufacturing

  • 30% more vertical lock bar travel can accomodate up to 1/8" of placement tolerance for each keeper
  • Easy plug-and-play with industry standard route sizes and locations
  • Self-locating retainers and keepers for ease of installation
  • Retainers snap into vertical positioning holes on the lock bar making lock installation fast and easy 
  • Pre-applied frame gasket to prevent air and water leakage 
  • Industry minimum locking points per window
  • Only one lock retainer for each lock point, the industry minimum
  • Awning locks are single point lock systems that perform like other multi-point systems
    • Awning locks can use the same keeper as casement

Designed for Style

  • Designed to complement both operator visual styles
  • Featured curvature of the lock handle gives it a distinct look and feel 
  • Clean and unobtrusive appearance 
  • Preferred visual look as found during market research 
  • Awning and casement lock actuators look identical