Stainless Steel Protection

  • Premium Coastal Grade Stainless as Standard
  • No red rust. No paint on steel components to wear off, chip, peel or scratch
  • Smooth low wear joint connections
  • Cuts SKU’s virtually in half versus having a special "Coastal Program"
  • Stainless parts are factory friendly for bulk handling

Engineered for Performance

  • Tested to commercial grade hardware load test on 36" x 80", 118 lb. window
  • Shoe has integral support block area to prevent arm bend during shipping 
  • Brass rivets used to add lubricity in high-wear joint areas 
  • Arms attach to track with the push of a slide clip for added safety
  • An additional screw hole to accommodate a shoe blocking screw for extra safety

Developed for Manufacturing

  • Easy plug-and-play with industry standard mounting locations 
  • Track has an integral “Flare” to help lead shoe into track 
  • Track has large weld relief allowance to minimize weld cleaning time 
  • Detailed sizing charts available to dial in performance and reduce SKU’s 

Features for Installers

  • Casement hinge adjusts .078" both directions (25% more than competition) to perfect sash alignment 
  • Can be adjusted by using either a custom flat wrench or a standard 7/64” Allen wrench
  • Awning Hinges are provided with 2” long shoe with offset friction adjustment screw for easy access