SR-1 Slide In Version for Wood

SR-1 Slide In Version for Wood

Engineered for Performance

  • Made from a high performing nylon material to deliver a tough, durable latch
  • Continuous rail that wraps around the latch housing to prevent the risk of failure under structural load
  • Stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance

Developed for Manufacturing

  • Fits snugly in check rail w/ friction fit or single screw
  • Slide-in installation with smooth operation and feel
  • Proven marketplace design for vinyl, now applied to wood, with no route change needed


Designed for Style

  • Designed to deliver a smooth quality feel, with easier and quieter operation for the end-user
  • Improves window aesthetics with its streamline, flush-to-sash appearance
  • Multiple actuator styles, colors and finishes are available