Home owner friendly with superior stainless steel performance and dependable security


Key Features 

  • For increased security, mechanism has anti-backdrive provisions on the deadbolt and shoot bolts to help prevent tampering.
  • The extension bolt incorporates the necessary lead-in to provide significant pull-in of the door (Concealed Lock has .290” of pull-in/Face mounted has .136” of pull-in).
  • More consumer friendly to lock the shoot bolts and open the door, requiring only 35˚ of handle rotation.
  • Robust and durable handle return spring design to prevent handle sag over time.
  • The handle is locked out when the multi-points are in the locked position.
  • Withstands abusive torques of over 500 in-lbs
  • Lab tested to over 50,000 cycles

Manufacturing Flexibility and Ease

  • Lock unit is non-handed, easily switched from right hand to left hand and vice versa
  • The lock unit is one of the easiest and quickest to reverse the direction of the latch.
  • The very modular design gives flexibility to accommodate a variety of door sizes and options.
  • Lock has 2 3/8” backset.
  • Spacer stand-offs are utilized to prevent the lock system from binding when mounting screws are accidentally over tightened.
  • A simple one step route profile for easier fabrication.
  • Easy peg-hole connection for quick installation

Passive Lock Oppornities 

  • Multiple passive locks are available for both astragal and non-astragel applications.
  • The passive lock is designed to communicate with the active lock for intuitive operation.
  • Various communication designs are available to match customer and consumer needs.
  • Also available for concealed lock applications.