Home owner friendly with superior performance and dependable security!


Key Features

  • Made from the finest stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Innovative clutch mechanism ensures full lock-up of the system, even under extreme misalignment of the strike and lock unit.
  • Eliminates potential lock and frame damage by the home owner, with a safety button that prevents the locking plate from extending until the door is fully closed.

Performance and Security

  • The anti-back drive design prevents unwanted tampering for added consumer safety.
  • Provides the highest industry standards for forced entry and structural ratings. Can exceed DP65, Dade County Impact Test, and Grade 40 Forced Entry Test*.
  • Incorporates return spring to assist with unlocking motion

* The structural, impact and DP performance of a door may vary significantly based on door design, size, manufacturing and installation. Door testing at an industry certified lab is required to determine the actual performance rating of the door and hardware.