Lock System for Wood Windows

Lock System for Wood Windows

Stainless Steel Protection

  • Premium Coastal Grade Stainless as Standard
  • No red rust. No paint on steel components to wear off, chip, peel or scratch
  • Smooth low wear joint connections
  • Cuts SKU’s virtually in half versus having a special "Coastal Program"
  • Stainless parts are factory friendly for bulk handling

Engineered for Performance

  • Locking pins interlock with keepers to achieve DP70 performance
  • Composite rollers around each lock pin help glide rollers along keeper
  • Staged locking "Zipper Effect" during lock-up help with consistent locking effort
  • Numerous keeper and lock bar retainers are available to achieve best fit, feel and performance
  • Lock levers snap securely onto the lock base and does not slip off

Developed for Manufacturing

  • Low profile design to fit many current window designs
  • Easy transition with minimal window processing changes
  • Self-locating lock bar retainers locate lock points both in and out and up and down
  • Handle and bezel are removable from lock mechanism, reducing shipping damage
  • Lock "base" is pre-assembled to the lock bar to minimize SKU’s while still remaining non-handed.

Designed for Style

  • Slender low-profile design is at the same time elegant and concealable
  • Available in metal and composite materials to allow for many standard and premium finishes
  • Lock bezel snaps directly onto lock mechanism and not wood stop for better quality control
  • Removable lock handles and bezels allow consumers to more easily change window finish later