End Mount for Wood Windows

End Mount for Wood Windows

Engineered for Performance

  • Eliminates independent operation of the latch and lock, thereby providing simplicity and covenience to consumers.
  • Operating the entire system requires nothing more than the simple swing of a lever, which results in a cleaner smoother lock rail ready for final window finishing
  • Enhanced forced-entry resistance to further prevent tampering by intruders
  • Incorporates a secure back drive mechanism to maintain the system in the “LOCKED” position.

Developed for Manufacturing

  • DualTech simplifies window fabrication and eliminates the exposure of unsightly screw fabrication
  • Come pre-assembled for out-of-the-box installation
  • Highly configurable

Designed for Style

  • Concealed screws result in high-end appearance for increased customer appeal over conventional sash locks
  • Interchangeable visuals allow custom aesthetics for added market appeal and brand distinction
  • Available in industry standard colors and plated finishes