Engineered for Performance

  • All zinc die-cast sash lock construction for maximum strength
  • Sash weld is not compromised to significantly increase corner strength
  • Helps your window system meet the highest industry standards:
    • ASTM F588 (Grade 10) forced entry resistance test
    • California CAWM 301 forced entry resistance test
    • Tested to DP-50 performance levels
  • Intuitive functionality allows latch to operate with a swing of the lock lever
  • Positive detent in both the lock and unlock positions


Developed for Manufacturing

  • Simple and fast one-step route for both latch and lock
  • Patented design to adapt to a wide range of profiles and extrusion tolerances
  • Innovative latch and lock system designed to be fully installed and connected in seconds
  • DualTech latches use Flex-Fit technology to minimize SKUs – only 3 links for all window sizes
  • Available in both stand-alone sash lock and DualTech configurations
  • Short supply chain for reduced lead times and lower inventory levels

Designed for Style

  • Stunning lock visuals provide high-end appearance and market distinction
  • Concealed latches achieve smooth, uninterrupted check rail sight lines
  • Available in several plug-n-play marked based visuals
  • Universal symbols allow for intuitive operation
  • All popular powder coated and plated finishes available